The Inside Passage

It’s been 6 years since I spent the long days of summer working with Tim and Daniel in Alaska. Always curious about my time there, Ashley thought it would be a bit of an adventure to see, firsthand, the places where the events of my stories took place.

Ryan had recently graduated with a nursing degree and David had just returned from his 2-year stint in South Africa. So, the whole Giles family came together to take a cruise up north. The ship embarked off the coast of Seattle. Rather than go bankrupt by paying for flights, we decided to drive the nearly 900-mile distance to the port of Seattle over the course of a couple of days.

The ship left Seattle and over the course of a week, we visited my old home of Skagway along with a few other port towns. Tim, Ryan, David and I took a deep sea fishing trip off the coast of Skagway, where we found ourselves surrounded by dozens of whales, eagles and jumping pink salmon. Ashley and I took a long walk along the Ketchikan pier where we observed starfish, jellyfish and even a small reef shark swimming just inches from the surface.

While Ryan and David would probably argue that the best parts were the endless buffets, I just thought it was nice to take a vacation, go fishing, and create some new memories with my family.







Written by Steve Trousdale

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