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Stansbury Park Clubhouse

Stansbury Park Clubhouse

At Brooke and Jordan's wedding reception, Mark was offered $20 to jump into the lake outside Stansbury Park Clubhouse. Of course, we know, Mark never turns down a dare especially if money's involved. The outcome can be easily guessed.
Brooke {+} Jordan

Brooke {+} Jordan

It was a special day when Brooke and Jordan finally tied the knot, solidifying Jordan's fate as a member of the Westbrook clan.

Happy Mother’s Day!

We all want to express our love and gratitude to Grandma Westbrook for the great example and kindness she has shown us throughout the years. Happy Mother's Day!

The Devil’s Dew (Director’s Cut)

Mitchell and I spent the weekend working on a short film for one of his school assignments. The script was conceived by Mitchell with some fine tuning by me, Jonny and Ryan. Mark makes a special cameo. Enjoy!
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